Our rings can handle any scope-mounting need. Whether you're looking for our classic Weaver's original cross-lock Top Mount, windage adjustable or dovetail extension rings; we have many great options. These rings are available in a variety of choices including aircraft-grade aluminum options or Grand Slam steel, and many more.


Detachable Top Mount Rings

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Grand Slam Steel Rings

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Quad Lock & Steel Lock Rings

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Four-Hole Skeleton Rings

Four Hole Skeleton Rings

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Six-Hole Tactical-Style Rings

Six Hole Tactical-Style Rings

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Picatinny Four-Hole Rings

Four Hole Picatinny Rings

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Six-Hole Picatinny Rings

Six Hole Picatinny Rings

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.22 Tip Off Mounts

.22 Tip Off Mounts

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