Thumb-Nut Flat Top Riser Rail - AR-15 / M16

Turn your flat top AR-15 or M16 into the perfect optics platform with our new Flat Top Riser Rail. Its multiple-slot design provides plenty of options when setting eye relief. This riser rail is made from aircraft-grade, 6061-T6 aluminum and has a durable, black matte finish. It is engineered to provide the optimal mounting height for all types of optic and ring combinations. The new Flat Top Riser Rail also features a thumb nut for quick, reliable installation and detachment.

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Part Number Description MSRP
48372 Thumbnut Flat Top Riser Rail - AR-15 / M16 $50.45
• Thumb-nut bolts for turning leverage
• Provides the optimal mounting height for various optics
• Aircraft grade aluminum for reduced weight and increased strength
• Multiple slots allow for several eye relief settings
• Rugged cross-lock base design for the ultimate gripping strength